Saturday, April 14, 2012

4 Quarters Radio: February 15

The first-period curriculum for February 15:
--Scott chatted with MTSU baseball coach Steve Peterson a couple of days before the season began. They touched on new pitchers and where the coach expected the team's power hitting to come from.
--Scott also asked the coach how much he believes in specialization among college baseball relief pitchers.
--MTSU alumni like Brett Carroll, Bryce Brentz and Will Skinner are scattered throughout the professional ranks, and Coach Pete discussed how those players have been keeping in touch with the program.

1st Intermission: "Okie From Muskogee" by Merle Haggard.

The second-quarter curriculum:
--Still all alone in the studio, Scott took time to compare the reactions to the drug problems of entertainers like Whitney Houston and those of athletes like Lawrence Taylor or Len Bias.
--In Whodaman, Scott paid respect to a Wizards fan who was ready to catch an ass-whipping from LeBron James. He also gave a shout to a listener who threw the official 4QR salute at a Middle Tennessee basketball game. Tweet your pics of you holding up four fingers to @4QuartersRadio and you'll always get a shout out.

Halftime Show: "Air" by Talking Heads.

The third-quarter curriculum:
--Scott discussed the onset of Linsanity, especially pondering the commentary from boxing champ Floyd Mayweather. El Prof was surprisingly sympathetic to Money May's point of view, which is not to say he agreed.
--Also, a brief history lesson on the first Asian-American player in pro basketball history (no, it wasn't Lin).

3rd Intermission: "Let's Roll" by Yelawolf feat. Kid Rock.

The fourth-quarter curriculum:
--Scott spoke with MTSU women's basketball coach Rick Insell as the season began to wind down. Topics included the surprising production from the Lady Raider backcourt, the shot selection of gunner Kortni Jones, and expectations that he harbors for his recruits.
--Coach Insell also waxed lyrical about his lone senior, Molly McFadden, on the eve of her honors at Senior Day.
--In the Epic Fails, Scott took the Chinese and Taiwanese governments to task for having nothing more important to do than fight over who claims Jeremy Lin's heritage. Also, he laid into Colts owner Jim Irsay for trying to play public relations chicken with Peyton Manning.

Postgame Show: "I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair" by George Jones.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4 Quarters Radio April 4

The first-quarter curriculum for April 4:
--The fellas talk about Kentucky winning the NCAA tournament, with Brandon still not terribly grateful even with a Wildcat victory winning him an evening of free food and drink. The fellas weigh their issues with John Calipari against the likability of his one-and-done crew. Scott also looks fearfully ahead to the days when Calipari can flash a ring in recruiting. Los Guys also stop and marvel at the evolutionary mutations that caused the Lexington riots.

1st Intermission: "Soul Killing" by The Ting Tings.

The second-quarter curriculum:
--In a 4Q first, most of a segment is devoted to talking professional wrestling. Brandon and special guest Clint Halford cover their impressions of WrestleMania 28. Brock Lesnar's return to Raw the following night gets some discussion as well.
--In Whodaman, Jeremy names a Wildcat who needs to return to school, Brandon big-ups baseball's most valuable agent, and Scott gives love to a guy whose face got totally pucked up (and no, that's not a typo).

Halftime Show: "Let Them Talk" by Spoek Mathambo.

The third-quarter curriculum:
--The fellas play around with ESPN's NBA Playoff Predictor, deciding whether some of the probabilities are way off or very right. Even Laker fan Jeremy can't disagree with some dire chances for LA.
--Scott weighs in on the new Basketball Hall of Fame inductees, some more deserving than others.
--The Knicks' honesty regarding injury reports and the Bulls' wisdom in not extending their coach catch brief mention.

3rd Intermission: "Overbiter" by Say Anything.

The fourth-quarter curriculum:
--MLB talk starts off the fourth, as Joey Votto and Matt Cain get enormous contracts. Scott poses the question of whether Votto's deal is a better idea than those given to Prince and Pujols.
--Hockey Correspondent Miranda Martin hops on a mic to talk some puck, naming off her expected Stanley Cup contenders.
--Mike Milbury's rant on Sidney Crosby gets aired, and Miranda's unsurprisingly in agreement. She does squirm out of an Odds Makers moment regarding the Predators' chances at the Cup finals...and ended up losing on a statement of doubt for the Capitals.
--In the Epic Fails, Jeremy has a couple of guys suffering embarrassing plays on the court, Brandon has a guy stealing a taco, and Scott finds another excuse to sing.

Postgame Show: "You're the Right Kind of Girl" by Lee Fields.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

4 Quarters Radio February 8

The first-quarter curriculum for February 8:
--Scott starts off all alone in his review of Super Bowl XLVI, discussing who really dug the 12-men-on-the-field approach and how Ahmad Bradshaw made the most of an alien circumstance. Once Logan shows up, they make sure to get their shots in on the absent Mack, whose Patriots came up limp. After some studio business complaints, they finally get back on task, noting just how close the Patriots have really come to being the Buffalo Bills.

1st Intermission: "Slight Work" by Wale ft. Big Sean.

The second-quarter curriculum:
--Scott and Logan continue with Super Bowl aftermath, talking about the Hall of Fame credentials of Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin. Coughlin, in particular, merits some scrutiny based on some underplayed similarities between him and another coach who's considered a Canton lock.
--Getting off the game, the fellas discuss all the other Super Bowl pageantry (halftime, commercials, etc.) and the idea of giving a car a pearl necklace figures prominently. (Don't ask, just listen.)
--Scott calls out ex-co-host Bobby for making weak declarations in regards to the career of Ricky Williams.
--In Whodaman, Scott has to give respect for a golfer who remembers his manners after a lecture from Mum.

Halftime Show: "Songs About Your Girlfriend" by Los Campesinos.

The third-quarter curriculum:
--Scott is joined by MTSU basketball coach Kermit Davis, and the coach isn't terribly pleased with Scott's line of questioning after two losses in three games. The Denver game and the forthcoming bout with Western Kentucky are primary topics.
--After the interview, Scott examines the bracketologists' projections, and the matchups aren't quite as promising as what they would have been the prior week.

3rd Intermission: "In the Middle of the Game (Don't Change the Play)" by Betty Wright and the Roots.

The fourth-quarter curriculum:
--Completely freestyling the fourth quarter, Scott starts off with a little morality discussion regarding M.I.A.'s middle finger heard round the world.
--The topic turns to Vegas's latest football bet, the future home of Peyton Manning. Scott's pet dark horse isn't getting serious money, but is being discussed in its local media.
--In the Epic Fails, Scott points and laughs at a "pro" basketball league whose "players" are so "talented," they allow their opponents to break two hundy in a regulation game.

Postgame Show: "Just Like Tiger Woods" by Steel Panther.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

4 Quarters Radio February 1

The first-quarter curriculum for February 1:
--Joined for the first time in a while by Logan and Mack, Scott gets into predictions and expectations for Super Bowl XLVI. No decision is made on a humiliating wager, fortunately for Patriot backer Mack. Also, the 800-pound gorilla of Super Bowl week, the courtship of Peyton Manning, draws some discussion, including Scott's mention of one suitor that has received little discussion so far.

1st Intermission: "Girlie Girlie" by Sophia George.

The second-quarter curriculum:
--Daily News Journal (Murfreesboro, Tenn.) writer Adam Sparks joins the show to talk some MTSU basketball. The Blue Raiders' at-large chances, shooting issues and being outboarded against Vanderbilt are among the topics of discussion.
--Once Adam's off the line, the guys get into examining MTSU's NCAA Tournament projections. Highlights include CBS predicting a nine seed, a potential matchup with everyone's mid-major darling, and Scott discussing his own mid-major darling.
--A look at MTSU football's recruiting class follows, including Scott bemoaning the forthcoming Attaq of the Shaqs.

Halftime Show: "The Toad Lickers" by Thomas Dolby.

The third-quarter curriculum:
--In a belated Whodaman, Scott salutes a college hooper for droppin' fiddy, Mack shouts out a marathon tennis match, and Logan gives love to Twitter follower #69.
--The fellas dig into ESPN's NFL Any Era team, discussing a group of players whose games would have translated to any period of pro football history.

3rd Intermission: "Baaadnews" by JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound.

The fourth-quarter curriculum:
--Scott and Mack finish up the NFL Any Era Team, and seldom is heard a discouraging word about the top 10.
--The MLB hot stove gets examined, with Mack weighing in on the Fielder and Pujols deals and Scott making a rare statement in praise of the Yankees.
--In the Epic Fails, Logan bemoans the state of Vol basketball, while Scott heaps scorn on a psycho Lions fan.

Postgame Show: "Transmission" by Aiden.

Monday, January 30, 2012

4 Quarters Radio: January 25

The first-quarter curriculum for January 25:
--Scott talks some hockey with 4QR's official Puck Authority, Jimi Russell. The Predators' hot streak and upcoming dilemma with the Ryan Suter and Shea Weber contracts are surely the lead discussion. Also covered: Brendan Shanahan's performance as NHL discipline czar, some trade deadline speculation, and whether Tim Thomas should have sucked it up and gone to the White House.

1st Intermission: "Let's Burn Down the Cornfield" by Etta James.

The second-quarter curriculum:
--Scott lays out his take on the life and times of Joe Paterno, reminding anyone listening that they need to take a life in totality rather than ignore everything else in favor of the final three months.
--In Whodaman, Scott gives love to an American in England and two NFL players rubbing a TV goof's face in his stupidity.

Halftime Show: "If You Want To" by Lalah Hathaway.

The third-quarter curriculum:
--The NFL conference championship games are the Q3 focus, and Scott starts off with yet another reminder of why mouth-breathing sociopaths make Twitter such an unpredictable place. Beyond that, the heroes and goats of Championship Sunday get their moment of discussion, including a few that you might not have noticed.
--In other stories, the Colts' new head coach and the future NFL prospects of college coaches with spread offenses are discussed before the break.

3rd Intermission: "Underground" by Jane's Addiction.

The fourth-quarter curriculum:
--Scott shares the projections for Prince Fielder's future production as a member of the Detroit Tigers and whether or not he'll end up being worth the $214M that Mike Illich is shelling out.
--The various NCAA bracket projections are examined, and Scott handicaps the matchups that could be awaiting MTSU's sizzling basketball team.
--Speaking of Blue Raider hoops, the weekend meeting with Vanderbilt also gets previewed.
--In the Epic Fails, Scott singles out yet another yobbo who can't figure out what should and shouldn't go on Twitter, lest one's career risk a trip down the crapper.

Postgame Show: "Limousine" by Class Actress.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Best of 4 Quarters Radio 2011

Another year of 4 Quarters is in the books, and it's time again for a best-of special. On the 2011 retrospective:

--Scott, Mack, Logan, Bobby, and Drew discuss exactly how much money they would require to stay silent in prison for five years, as Barry Bonds' trainer did. Unsurprisingly, many qualifications arise and the numbers keep increasing.
--Scott and Logan discuss the ESPN documentary on Steve Bartman, first between themselves and later with MTSU broadcast journalism professor Rob Jasso.
--In a look back at some of the show's best Whodaman moments, the fellas go all the way back to January and give it up to the 12th Man in Seattle for their appreciation of Beast Mode. Also, Logan obliquely calls Scott out for rolling on his preseason Super Bowl pick.
--MTSU's loss of murdered women's basketball player Tina Stewart was a subject of lengthy reflection. Most of the fellas didn't have a lot to say, but Scott certainly did.
--An interview with former MTSU cornerback/current Jacksonville Jaguar Rod Issac gives a whole new meaning to worshiping one's team.
--In the Epic Fails, Scott gets to call out ignorance and incompetence in some of his favorite targets: the New York Yankees, the Oakland Raiders, and the misuse of a term like "thrown under the bus."

Year 3 of the show is about to kick off, so check out for showtimes and live streaming.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

RSH's Titans Radio Portfolio

As part of an effort to compile my rapidly expanding portfolio of online writings, this post will contain links to all the pieces that I've written for Titans Radio during my fall internship. It will be updated each time a new piece is added to the site.

Munchak Begins Preparation For McCown
Morgan, Jones Expected to Play Sunday
Babineaux Prepared For First Titans Start
Washington Cautious With or Without Bailey
Munchak Using Broncos 2010 Comments
Munchak Hopes Avery Adds Deep Threat
Morgan Credits Rotation for Improved Defense
Munchak Pleased With Complete Win
Steelers Enter Week 5 Banged Up
Steelers Defensive Woes Draw Titans Focus
Munchak Monitoring Stevens, McRath Returns
Titans Fell Behind Early, Lost Game Plan
Munchak, Titans Welcome Bye Week Break
Munchak, Players Downplay Gameday Hype
McCourty: Houston Receivers Still Dangerous
Kubiak, Texans Focused on CJ
Texans Whip Titans 41-7 Behind Foster's Day
Collins' Season Over With Colts
Munchak Points Out Factors Leading to Losses
Ringer Workhorse Sunday in Titans Backfield
Titans Back to Winning Ways Over Colts
Williams, Wideouts Face Tough CIN Secondary
Munchak Says Bengals Worth the Hype
Bengals Top Titans With Big Second Half, 24-17
Munchak Shocked By Penn State Scandal
Banged-Up Titans Held Out of Practice
Newton Presents the Unpredictable for Titans
Titans Trounce Panthers 30-3
High-Powered Falcons Offense Next For Titans
Locker Throws 2 TD's in Comeback Loss
Titans Fall to 5-5 With 23-17 Loss in ATL
Munchak Stresses Run Game, Discipline Vs TB
Titans Overcome Turnovers, Beat Bucs 23-17
Titans Look For Back to Back Wins Again
Titans Offense Answers for Week 13 Win
Griffin Expects Basketball-Like Game From Graham
Locker's 4th Qtr Comeback Falls Just Short
Titans Nurse Wounds, Prep for Colts

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