Monday, June 1, 2009

Amazing Keeps Happening

What's amazing is that Charles Barkley gets away with things that would get other analysts fired. But I'll be damned if this wasn't the funniest thing I've seen in weeks. Not so much Chuck stomping on Kenny or emasculating his, I'm talking about the sensational reaction from Reggie Miller. Might not be SFW, depending on how loud you have the volume, fair warning.

What's amazing is that Stan Van Jeremy, the man who has allegedly accomplished nothing as a coach aside from being drummed out on his ear by Pat Riley, is now four wins away from the Larry O'Brien Trophy. Never mind the .639 winning percentage, which places him above the likes of Jerry Sloan, Rick Adelman, and George Karl...and even three points higher than his former boss, Captain Brylcreem himself. But God love him, he's that rare beast among today's athletes and coaches who can't quite bring himself to take himself too seriously.

What's amazing is that the guy who's been immortalized in puppet form and karate-kicked a cartoon after dunking on it hasn't learned that lesson yet. About the only reason the NBA fanbase has yet to reach total LeBron overload is the fact that the man himself is a walking, dribbling highlight film who may just show us something new every time he steps on the court. Watching LeBron James play basketball is like anything else that makes you feel really good...after a while, you need more and more to get the same effect. LBJ has to make bigger shots, flashier dunks, and showier passes every game, otherwise people will stop being distracted by his obviously transcendent talent long enough to realize that they've become heartily sick of seeing him everywhere. Oh, and winning a championship needs to get on the menu somewhere, too. More on that once we hit the offseason.

What's amazing is that these Finals will feature the biggest junkie in the NBA. Seriously, Lamar Odom has a true problem. He admits to going through "four or five bags a day" of Hershey's White Chocolate Cookies and Cream minis. And he still has a pearly white smile. Considering he plays in a town where just about everyone has some feature that makes you go, "Yeah, THOSE are fake," I really have to wonder about whether Lamar's keeping a secret pair of dentures from us. And in honor of Lamar...take me home, Christina.

Next time...why in the blue hell is anyone surprised about Derrick Rose?

Peace and be wild.

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