Friday, February 11, 2011

4 Quarters Radio: February 11 4th Quarter

The fourth-quarter curriculum for February 11:
--Bobby offers his commentary on the three big fights at UFC 126, including some dap for Jon Jones's surprising submission ability.
--Logan takes a moment to rant about the exorbitant prices of tall draft beers.
--The boys bat around a few suggested NBA trades and weigh in on their respective levels of retardation. The Carmelo Anthony deal in particular seems like a team demolishing a whole house to build a new garage.
--In the Epic Fails, Drew wonders why anyone would be upset at cameras catching them being fed by Cameron Diaz, Bobby piles on the already miserable Cleveland Cavaliers, and Scott thinks an overprotective dad needs to take a pill.

Excised music: "I Can Make You Dance" by Zapp.

4 Quarters Radio: February 11 3rd Quarter

The third-quarter curriculum for February 11:
--The fellas consult a list of guys who had to replace legendary athletes, and decide which ones were their personal favorites. New intern Mack Burke gets himself in on the action for the first time, as well.
--The Yankees and the Nazis come in for an interesting comparison.
--Mark Buehrle's comments about wishing harm on Michael Vick get a round of ridicule. Logan's honest in his occasional desire to see sand in a player's vagina, but even he can't stand to wish maiming on an athlete.
--Both the MTSU men's and women's basketball teams celebrate wins over Western Kentucky this week, one of them somewhat historic.

Excised music: "Cold Blooded" by Rick James.

4 Quarters Radio: February 11 2nd Quarter

The second-quarter curriculum for February 11:
--The herd thins out a bit as 4Q gets joined by its brand-new Hockey Correspondent, Jimi Russell.
--Jimi gets a chance to offer love to his Packers before getting into the frozen-pond action.
--Scott and Jimi check in on how Mr. Carrie Underwood (aka Mike Fisher) will fit in as a Nashville Predator, and also why Ottawa needs to grow some perspective.
--Other potential Nashville trade targets get scrutinized, and the likelihood of nearly all of them seems pretty low.
--Chances of one goalie, Pekka Rinne, winning the Vezina Trophy are weighed, as are the chances of another one winning the Hart Trophy as league MVP.
--Scott puts Jimi on the spot and demands a Stanley Cup Finals prediction, and the Correspondent goes out on a rather sturdy limb.
--In Whodaman, a couple of votes come up for a new all-time record, Bobby marvels at the power of Anderson Silva's ring toe, and Scott wonders if donating organs constitutes a recruiting violation.

Excised music: "Cars" by Gary Numan.

4 Quarters Radio: February 11 1st Quarter

The first-quarter curriculum for February 11:
--Scott and Logan are joined early on by the show's new intern Andrew "Intern Drew" Kinzer. Scott and Drew get to gloat a bit as Logan has to repeatedly claim he's a pretty little girl, per the Super Bowl bet from last week.
--The fellas examine the Super Bowl from several different angles, checking out the halftime show, the commercials, and even examining whether or not each host would be happy with the NFL's offer to the seatless masses.
--Once Bobby rolls in, he immediately asserts his pretty-little-girl status and plays catch-up with other topics.
--Scott offers everyone an opportunity to go easy on Christina Aguilera...and of course, with this bunch, no one takes it. Bobby even has breaking entertainment news regarding Christina's marriage.

Excised music: "96 Tears" by ? and the Mysterians.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

4 Quarters Radio: February 4 4th Quarter

The fourth-quarter curriculum for February 4:
--Scott pokes the proverbial bear, asking Logan for comments on the latest round of violations at Tennessee.
--The MMA Authority has a hard time keeping his cards straight, but he still offers his picks on UFC 126. At least, he does once Logan gets done begging for calls to have Scott or Bobby throw on dresses.
--A strange random caller picks the Steelers and shoves the NBA right off the show, so Bobby takes a moment to plug his latest video game obsession, Fight Night Champion.
--In Epic Fails, Drew's attempted slap on Albert Haynesworth gets put out there, while Bobby's wondering why anyone cares about Big Ben being in piano bars. Logan takes one last shot at getting callers for dresses, and Scott wonders who would enter a tournament for "imaginary" money.

Excised music: "Hypnotize U" by N.E.R.D.

4 Quarters Radio: February 4 3rd Quarter

The third-quarter curriculum for February 4:
--Scott needs help in this quarter figuring out the deal with College Football Signing Day. Logan offers one theory, but there are still loose ends.
--Surprisingly, Logan and Bobby were unfamiliar with Alabama Fax Machine Girl, so a discussion of butt and thigh takes up a few moments. It's not just a hubba-hubba topic, either, there's a question of analyzing whether this is seriously a factor in recruiting. Okay, there's a little hubba-hubba, too.
--Facebook gets called out for being a dangerous tool in recruiting, one that recruits need to be careful in using.
--A chat with MTSU men's basketball coach Kermit Davis sees its broadcast debut. Scott asks about when a team should foul, when to switch defenses, and how MTSU needs to attack their arch-nemesis FAU, should they meet again.

Excised music: "Color It a Mystery" by Tyler Jakes.

4 Quarters Radio: February 4 2nd Quarter

The second-quarter curriculum for February 4:
--In the absence of a call-in guest, the guys decide to check out what's shaking in Vegas. Some goofy prop bets get spotlighted, including whether or not Fergie would come out in a thong for halftime and the odds that Christina Aguilera would pull a "Janet" during the national anthem, of all things.
--One of the most consistent predictors of Super Bowl victories weighs in, and the odds do not look good for the Prof.
--In Whodaman, Bobby gives props to the team that's set to dominate the NBA All-Star Game. Drew tries to slide in both a Whodaman AND Epic Fail, while Logan gets excited about his Vols on a streak.

Excised music: "One Night One Kiss" by The Russian Futurists.

4 Quarters Radio: February 4 1st Quarter

The first-quarter curriculum for February 4:
--After some moaning about equipment difficulties, the fellas (including special guest Andrew Kinzer) get moving with some Super Bowl talk...and lots of it.
--The biggest story is who's going to win and why, and the picks are split down the middle. Scott has one man who carries the game's entire outcome on his shoulders, and it's not a quarterback.
--The MVP choices are equally divided, and actually get a little contentious for a moment.
--Logan's dying to make a wager that involves public humiliation for the losers. The guys decide it's something best left up to the public, and Scott tries his best to rope Drew into the fray as well.

Excised music: "I Know How" by Kid Rock.