Sunday, October 31, 2010

4 Quarters Radio: October 7 4th Quarter

The fourth-quarter curriculum for October 7:
--Scott, Bobby, and Dylan ponder the Randy Moss trade and examine if the Patriots may possibly have been just as desperate as the Vikings.
--Bobby gets a moment to shake his head and get bummed out by the re-emergence of Kevin Kolb. Meanwhile, Scott ponders the psychic effects that the Eagles defense may have suffered from Donovan McNabb receiving a standing ovation.
--Scott wonders if Jay Cutler's been marked for his own offensive coordinator.
--A quick update of the 4 Quarters fantasy league, Scott bemoans his 1-3 start, but unveils his nefarious plan to capitalize on a pair of suspensions.
--After the 10-minute warning, Scott puts Bobby on the spot and asks him to pick a winner between the three ex-Arkansas running backs currently toiling in the NFL (Darren McFadden, Felix Jones, Peyton Hillis). No points for guessing which one he picks.
--Also no points for guessing who Bobby chooses as his Epic Fail. Dylan stays local, and Scott calls out a guy whose managerial career was one loss short of being historically terrible.

Excised music: "Stumbling Through the Dark" by the Jayhawks.

4 Quarters Radio: October 7 3rd Quarter

The third-quarter curriculum for October 7:
--Scott ponders why people who know nothing about baseball seem to usually support the Cubs, then segues smoothly into his predictions for each playoff series. Hint: the Attack of the 50 Foot Payroll did not get love.
--The NBA preseason got started, and a pair of high-profile injuries get compared.
--The UFC announces the Ultimate Fighter finale card...and it's uglier than a baby jackal. Bobby tries his best to analyze.

Excised music: "Shake a Fist" by Hot Chip.

4 Quarters Radio: October 7 2nd Quarter

The second-quarter curriculum for October 7:
--Scott marvels at the sheer pounding administered to Stanford by a flock of mad Ducks.
--Florida's offensive failures are analyzed, and here's a hint: it has a little something to do with Emmanuel Moody.
--Scott discusses the first potential brick wall in the path of the Denard Robinson Express.
--For the week's philosophy exercise, the Professor ponders which loss is worse: blowing a big lead or blowing an opportunity to finish the opponent.
--Rumors that Texas is even pondering "encouraging" Mack Brown to retire draw a little attention, and Scott wonders why they should bother.
--Roy Halladay rates a major shout in the Whodaman segment.

Excised music: "In the Dark" by Billy Squier.

4 Quarters Radio: October 7 1st Quarter

The first-quarter curriculum for October 7:
--Scott discusses the brutal experience of watching MTSU get pasted by Troy, along with the rather fun experience of collecting a paycheck from the Worldwide Leader.
--He then looks ahead to the Georgia Tech game, wondering why exactly Josh Nesbitt needs two good arms.
--The MTSU volleyball and soccer teams once again get some love, with the volleyballers extending their epic winning streak. Soccer coach Aston Rhoden also celebrates a milestone.

Excised music: "Dark Night" by the Blasters.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

4 Quarters Radio: Sept. 30 4th Quarter

The fourth-quarter curriculum for September 30:
--Scott bemoans Mike Singletary's complete bumbling of the 49ers' early season. Expectations vary, but it seems that Seattle and Arizona are going to benefit from the train wreck.
--Trent Edwards' move to Jacksonville gets put under the scope, with the guys weighing in on whether it could get the Jags into the playoffs.
--Bobby discusses his UFC 119 results, including a fight that should have had some sexy Barry White playing in the background.
--The fellas ponder the concept of an English B.A. Baracus...and you'll have to listen to find out how that comes up.
--Technical failures result in late bed music for the Epic Fails, but it doesn't stop Bobby from encouraging an Octagon gladiator to retire. Dylan's not terribly sure his Fail is a Fail, and solicits a second opinion. Guest commentator Drew gets a Raider dig in on Bobby, and Scott tees off on a kicker whose lawn-sprinkler spraying cost his team a major road upset against a SEC team.

Excised music: "Record Collection" by Mark Ronson and the Business International feat. Simon LeBon.

4 Quarters Radio: Sept. 30 3rd Quarter

The third-quarter curriculum for September 30:
--Scott's alone for a while, and extols the virtues of the Rays' ticket giveaway strategy. He takes it to the point that he's convinced every team in MLB needs to do it once a month.
--Scott adds a quick look back at his playoff picks, happy that he's at least batting over .500.
--Bobby brings a friend to the studio, and everyone weighs in on the last three unbeaten NFL teams, especially extolling the Chiefs.
--Second intern Dylan Morris makes his 4Q debut, laying out his athletic preferences.
--Back to the 3-0 teams, the Bears and Steelers get a little love, as well. Scott ponders the question of whether or not Big Ben's return will disturb the Steelers' flow.

Excised music: "Jam It In the Hole" by Electric Six.

4 Quarters Radio: Sept. 30 2nd Quarter

The second-quarter curriculum for September 30:
--Scott and Logan talk to MTSU head football coach Rick Stockstill about the health demands of the college coaching profession. Coach Stock is candid about the lack of family time, owning up to his own bad habits, and admitting to what he does (or doesn't do) that drives Mrs. Stockstill nuts. Other coaches' work habits come up for scrutiny, as well.
--Notes are also shared about MTSU volleyball and soccer, with upcoming road trips. Former MTSU star Alysha Clark also says "L'chaim" to a professional career overseas.
--In a difficulty-plagued Whodaman, Logan stays close to home. Scott, for his part, salutes the Black Tebow, a historic walk-off home run, and baseball's newest Energizer bunny, Johnny Damon.

Excised music: "Fancy Dancer" by The Commodores.

4 Quarters Radio: Sept. 30 1st Quarter

The first-quarter curriculum for September 30:
--Scott and Logan discuss MTSU's conference-opening win over Louisiana-Lafayette. Credit is given where it's due, with Jamari Lattimore putting himself in the record books.
--After that, it's time to look ahead to Troy, a game at which Scott's excited about doing a little work for the Worldwide Leader.
--Troy receiver Jerrel Jernigan gets a little respect for placing himself toward the very top of the Sun Belt receiving ledgers.
--The possibility of Mark Ingram rallying back into Heisman discussion is broached. Logan's iffy, Scott not so much.
--The guys segue from there into predictions of the Florida/Alabama game. There, Logan promises he's not advocating a plane crash or arson, but it sure sounds that way.
--Finally, is it worth A.J. Green's while to come back to Georgia?

Excised music: "Walk With Me" by Neil Young.