Monday, July 19, 2010

4 Quarters Radio July 19

On July 19's episode of 4QR, Scott shares a few thoughts on the passing of George Steinbrenner, also weighing in on his place in history. (Hint: SportsNation is populated with morons.) A history lesson is presented in which the listener gets reminded just who guys like Lamar Hunt, Charlie O. Finley, and Bill Veeck are. Also, someone gets described as "Charlie O. Finley with tits." So there's that. In the second, Scott's predictions on MLB's second half and playoff picture can be clipped and saved for future reference. MTSU's recent crop of MLB draftees get reviewed, as do QB Dwight Dasher's Bad MF credentials. In the third, Bobby calls up for a belated Whodaman and a rousing NBA Offseason edition of Medal Stand. They briefly touch on NBA and NFL labor issues before moving on to something much less depressing, the once-again-crowded Epic Fails. This week, an athlete, a team, and an ENTIRE LEAGUE get spit-roasted. Then Bobby calls out Bob Sapp and says that he could kick Sapp's ass. You think we're kidding. Excised music: "Tell Me Why" by M.I.A., "Recipe for Disaster" by Morcheeba, and "Weird Beard" by the Mad Caddies.

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