Tuesday, October 26, 2010

4 Quarters Radio: Sept. 30 4th Quarter

The fourth-quarter curriculum for September 30:
--Scott bemoans Mike Singletary's complete bumbling of the 49ers' early season. Expectations vary, but it seems that Seattle and Arizona are going to benefit from the train wreck.
--Trent Edwards' move to Jacksonville gets put under the scope, with the guys weighing in on whether it could get the Jags into the playoffs.
--Bobby discusses his UFC 119 results, including a fight that should have had some sexy Barry White playing in the background.
--The fellas ponder the concept of an English B.A. Baracus...and you'll have to listen to find out how that comes up.
--Technical failures result in late bed music for the Epic Fails, but it doesn't stop Bobby from encouraging an Octagon gladiator to retire. Dylan's not terribly sure his Fail is a Fail, and solicits a second opinion. Guest commentator Drew gets a Raider dig in on Bobby, and Scott tees off on a kicker whose lawn-sprinkler spraying cost his team a major road upset against a SEC team.

Excised music: "Record Collection" by Mark Ronson and the Business International feat. Simon LeBon.

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