Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Best of 4 Quarters Radio 2011

Another year of 4 Quarters is in the books, and it's time again for a best-of special. On the 2011 retrospective:

--Scott, Mack, Logan, Bobby, and Drew discuss exactly how much money they would require to stay silent in prison for five years, as Barry Bonds' trainer did. Unsurprisingly, many qualifications arise and the numbers keep increasing.
--Scott and Logan discuss the ESPN documentary on Steve Bartman, first between themselves and later with MTSU broadcast journalism professor Rob Jasso.
--In a look back at some of the show's best Whodaman moments, the fellas go all the way back to January and give it up to the 12th Man in Seattle for their appreciation of Beast Mode. Also, Logan obliquely calls Scott out for rolling on his preseason Super Bowl pick.
--MTSU's loss of murdered women's basketball player Tina Stewart was a subject of lengthy reflection. Most of the fellas didn't have a lot to say, but Scott certainly did.
--An interview with former MTSU cornerback/current Jacksonville Jaguar Rod Issac gives a whole new meaning to worshiping one's team.
--In the Epic Fails, Scott gets to call out ignorance and incompetence in some of his favorite targets: the New York Yankees, the Oakland Raiders, and the misuse of a term like "thrown under the bus."

Year 3 of the show is about to kick off, so check out wmts.org for showtimes and live streaming.

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