Tuesday, May 18, 2010

4 Quarters Radio May 17: 2nd Half

In the third quarter, Scott gets fired up like we've never seen him on goobers who charge the field at baseball games and equally large goobers who plead for mercy on them. He relates well to Junior for needing a nap and ponders why anyone would need binoculars to steal signs in baseball. In the 4th, Scott defends Lawrence Taylor's Hall of Fame bust and notes that Cincinnati's new Jones boys might not be bonehead pickups after all. We find out which sports city is most miserable, and a 22-year-old getting in touch with his inner high school athlete is the week's Epic Fail. Excised music: "Windsurfing Nation" by Broken Social Scene featuring K-Os & Feist and "Compliments" by Band of Horses.

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