Wednesday, May 5, 2010

4 Quarters Radio May 4: 1st Half

After a couple of weeks off from podcasting, mostly due to technical problems, 4Q returns with the May 4 episode, the final one of the spring semester. Scott and Joseph welcome a new co-host (likely to be replacing Joseph in the near future) by the name of Trent Gander. The three talk some NBA playoffs in the first quarter, including why the Spurs are boring and what the Jazz need to have any chance against the Lakers. In the second quarter, it's all about Nowitzki, Ovechkin, and whether they deserve all the blame for their teams' playoff chokes. In Whodaman, Scott cracks a nicely off-color joke in honoring a historic accomplishment. Excised music: "The Smidge" by the Hold Steady and "Come Clean" by Greg Laswell.

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