Thursday, June 24, 2010

4 Quarters Radio June 21

Scott's solo on the June 21 edition of 4QR, and he expounds on the Lakers taking the NBA Championship, why Boston's loss is all Doc Rivers' fault, and why the Kobe/Jordan comparisons aren't TOTALLY ridiculous. After that, offseason drama takes center stage, with draft discussion and what it REALLY takes to land LeBron. In the second, it's all about College Conference Roulette, why a BCS shakeup should be coming soon, and why it might not all be over yet. Bobby calls up in the third, and they talk about whether it's okay or not to switch off at halftime. Plus, who's actually stupid enough to deal for Albert Haynesworth? Finally, vuvuzela fever spreads to the Epic Fails, which unfortunately end quite abruptly. Excised music: "Kissed It" by Macy Gray w/ Velvet Revolver, "Ghost" by FeFe Dobson, and "Over" by Drake.

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