Friday, June 11, 2010

4 Quarters Radio June 7: 1st Half

On this edition of 4QR, Scott (and eventually Trent and Joseph) starts off discussing the first two games of the NBA Finals, including why Phil Jackson is starting to annoy The Professor to no end and what kind of role Ron Artest should have in the Lakers' offense. Also, some speculation on whether the President may, despite his claims, be involved in steering LeBron to Chicago. In the 2nd quarter, Bobby calls in and joins the fellas as they rank six NFL QB's on their chances to win a Super Bowl and talk about whether they'd freeze their sensitives off to watch a Super Bowl in Jersey. In Whodaman, some inspirational quotes from a departed legend. Excised music: "Dirty Mind" by Prince and "I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man" by Prince.

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