Wednesday, August 4, 2010

4 Quarters Radio: August 2 1st Period

Experimenting with a new presentation style for the podcasts, going quarter by quarter to aid listeners who can't quite sit through a whole episode in one sitting. Comments to let me know how this presentation works would be highly appreciated.

The 1st-period curriculum for 4QR's August 2 edition:
--MTSU's early practice schedule, open to the public all, is announced.
--137 MTSU athletes get some Sun Belt Conference recognition for their academic work.
--Joseph calls in to discuss the Lorenzen Wright case and what's being said about it in the Memphis area (and to make fun of Scott's choice of intro music).
--Scott lays into the U.S v. Karen Sypher (aka the Rick Pitino trial), reminding everyone that there's a little more to it than jokes about how popcorn is the only thing that pops faster than Coach Pitino. (Sorry.)
--Finally, there's time for a little bit of shameless mockery of West Virginia basketball coach Bob Huggins' habitual clumsiness.
--Excised music: "Gold Skull" by Miniature Tigers

Finally, a word on the excised music links. If you'd like to sample the music of 4QR, you can go to and search by either artist or title without even signing up for an account. Signing up for an account (don't worry, it's free) will allow you to search for the (almost) complete 4Q archive playlists. All you'll have to do is a People search for "rsh3121" and you'll find a set of 4Q archives, with almost all the songs we've played on 4Q's seven-month run so far.

If you like the track and would like to buy a download, use the Excised Music links here to take you to Amazon. The song title will take you to the single, the artist's name will take you to a download of the whole album.

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