Monday, August 9, 2010

4 Quarters Radio: August 9 3rd Period

The third-period curriculum for August 9:
--Bobby gets free rein to gloat about his 4-1 start in the Great UFC Wing Wager. He's bummed about Big Country, chuckling over Chael Sonnen, and wondering what happened between Matt Hughes and the old folks' home.
--Speculation on what "Tebow Knows," a theory on what LeBron's ad for the Cleveland fans would have looked like, and wondering exactly what kind of videos Isiah Thomas has on James Dolan follow.
--In the Epic Fails, Bobby goes...pretty much exactly where we all knew he would. For his part, Scott breaks out his second old-school baseball reference of the day (nowhere near as old-school as the first, though).
--Excised music: "God on the Drums, Devil on the Bass" by Katie Melua.

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