Friday, February 11, 2011

4 Quarters Radio: February 11 1st Quarter

The first-quarter curriculum for February 11:
--Scott and Logan are joined early on by the show's new intern Andrew "Intern Drew" Kinzer. Scott and Drew get to gloat a bit as Logan has to repeatedly claim he's a pretty little girl, per the Super Bowl bet from last week.
--The fellas examine the Super Bowl from several different angles, checking out the halftime show, the commercials, and even examining whether or not each host would be happy with the NFL's offer to the seatless masses.
--Once Bobby rolls in, he immediately asserts his pretty-little-girl status and plays catch-up with other topics.
--Scott offers everyone an opportunity to go easy on Christina Aguilera...and of course, with this bunch, no one takes it. Bobby even has breaking entertainment news regarding Christina's marriage.

Excised music: "96 Tears" by ? and the Mysterians.

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