Friday, February 11, 2011

4 Quarters Radio: February 11 2nd Quarter

The second-quarter curriculum for February 11:
--The herd thins out a bit as 4Q gets joined by its brand-new Hockey Correspondent, Jimi Russell.
--Jimi gets a chance to offer love to his Packers before getting into the frozen-pond action.
--Scott and Jimi check in on how Mr. Carrie Underwood (aka Mike Fisher) will fit in as a Nashville Predator, and also why Ottawa needs to grow some perspective.
--Other potential Nashville trade targets get scrutinized, and the likelihood of nearly all of them seems pretty low.
--Chances of one goalie, Pekka Rinne, winning the Vezina Trophy are weighed, as are the chances of another one winning the Hart Trophy as league MVP.
--Scott puts Jimi on the spot and demands a Stanley Cup Finals prediction, and the Correspondent goes out on a rather sturdy limb.
--In Whodaman, a couple of votes come up for a new all-time record, Bobby marvels at the power of Anderson Silva's ring toe, and Scott wonders if donating organs constitutes a recruiting violation.

Excised music: "Cars" by Gary Numan.

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