Sunday, April 17, 2011

4 Quarters Radio: April 15 1st Quarter

The first-quarter curriculum for April 15:
--Scott and Mack are joined by MTSU head men's basketball coach Kermit Davis. They discuss new recruits like forward Jacquez Rozier and the potential for other newcomers to change the team's offensive focus.
--Scott asks the coach to compare the size of next year's roster to any other he's coached over his career.
--New assistant coach Monte Towe is brought up for discussion, and Coach Davis breaks down what Towe's experience will bring to the staff.
--Davis discusses how this season will resonate in his mind, noting missed opportunities and the youth of the squad.
--Coach Davis discusses a NCAA-or-nothing mentality among the fan base and how they need to put less stock in what they read online.
--Once the coach is off the line, Scott and Mack stroll into baseball talk. Josh Hamilton's broken arm is the Injury of the Week, and the Prof and the Intern disagree on who's to blame for the overaggressive play.
--Finally, the discussion concludes with rankings of the top up-the-middle groups in baseball. Scott has a surprising reaction to the Braves being in the conversation, and Mack's equally surprising about Boston being out of the top 9.

Featured music: "The Afterlife" by Paul Simon. Stick around at the end for a brief snippet of the track, and help the show out by purchasing the full download if you like it.

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