Sunday, April 17, 2011

4 Quarters Radio: April 15 2nd Quarter

The second-quarter curriculum for April 15:
--While the fellas wait for the call from MTSU football coach Rick Stockstill, they move into handicapping some of the NBA playoff series. Scott's despondent over the Pacers having to face the Bulls, and there's a surprising undercurrent of excitement for Philly against Miami.
--Once Coach Stock calls, Scott gets the questions right into spring practice. Stockstill discusses the quarterback competition and how the offense is improving in terms of ball security from last season's turnover-prone mess.
--Scott hounds the coach until he actually names a few guys who thrust themselves into discussion for starting spots. Also, Stock offers a possible successor for MTSU's ongoing line of dangerous pass rushers.
--New coordinators Willie Simmons and Steve Ellis get discussed in terms of their impact on their first spring in their positions.
--Finally, Scott asks the coach's opinion about his former receiver Garrett Andrews suing the NFL.
--The fellas skip the 10-minute warning and head straight into Whodaman. Bobby stays local, giving props to the MTSU baseball team for hanging tough against the top team in America. Mack shouts out to the MTSU lacrosse team (who knew?) while the others head to the pros. Andrew honors skill in cream-pie application and Logan gives love to a pitcher who can rip, while Scott gives respect to a coach who improved his team after losing a big name.

Featured music: "Will Do" by TV on the Radio.

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