Monday, October 24, 2011

4 Quarters Radio: October 21, 2011

The first-quarter curriculum for October 21:
--Scott and Bobby kick off a show with the fiasco that was the NFL trade deadline, and the show's resident Raider fan gets to weigh in on the Carson Palmer trade. Also, Scott's highly reluctant to give Mike Brown any praise for playing his poker hand well.
--The trade deadline's failures are discussed for a moment, with the Lions' misfortune as a keen example. The first order of business is to suggest a better date. Also, other deals that could have been made but weren't get dragged out into the light.
--The weather is starting to turn in Tennessee, and it's a prime time to discuss the NFL's cities and which ones have the best and worst weather.

Featured music: "Come On Over" by Veronica Falls.

The second-quarter curriculum for October 21:
--Mack Burke returns after a five-month sabbatical, and he gets an opportunity to vent on the trade deadline himself. The gist: "Won't someone think of Jason Campbell?"
--The fellas ponder whether the Schwartz/Harbaugh dustup should go into the Octagon, and whether coaches need to be duty-bound to shake hands after a game.
--Bryant Gumbel's comments about David Stern get played, and the fellas have a momentary chat on what Gumbel really meant. Perhaps surprisingly, there's not a lot of disagreement on the subject of Stern.
--In Whodaman, Bobby touts a running back who stomped the indomitable Suh. Mack's Whodaman and Epic Fail are oddly one and the same. Scott gives respect to a guy who seriously reps his team in a pimped hearse.

Featured music: "Miracle Worker" by SuperHeavy.

The third-quarter curriculum for October 21:
--4Q's first-ever in-studio guest, MTSU men's basketball coach Kermit Davis, stops in to talk about the early days of practice and the upcoming season.
--The coach starts off weighing in on what the college game would look like with players like Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams staying around instead of sitting out in the locked-out NBA. Scott and Coach Davis also discuss their eligibility rules of choice.
--MTSU forward Torin Walker's eligibility status gets discussed, as well as a brief explanation of why he's having problems in the first place.
--Forward LaRon Dendy's potential for postseason honors comes in for serious discussion.
--Several candidates exist for the point guard position, and Scott asks (ahem) point blank who's in the lead.
--The packed early-season schedule draws a look, and Coach Davis lays out the credentials of his team's opponents. The players will be disappointed to learn that there's no time for fun when the Blue Raiders head to Los Angeles.
--Coach Davis identifies the team to beat in the Sun Belt for the 11-12 season. Also, a player who could dominate the Sun Belt gets discussed.
--Scott and Coach Davis talk a little music on the way out.

Featured music: "Standing On Higher Ground" by Leslie West featuring Billy Gibbons.

The fourth-quarter curriculum for October 21:
--Scott and Mack are able to discuss a little baseball, and there is a chat about what can be done to improve the World Series.
--Baseball's calendar, which is about to become more crowded, catches some grief.
--Nolan Ryan begins his approach toward Scott's pantheon of all-time favorite sports owners.
--Scott lights the fuse and lets Mack rant for a minute on the Theo Epstein situation.
--Between Theo and Rex, Mack's Epic Fail is well-covered. Scott's resides in Europe, with a team that didn't check with the neighbors before finding a sponsor.

Featured music: "She Really Got to You" by Ivy.

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