Monday, October 31, 2011

4 Quarters Radio: October 28

The first-quarter curriculum for October 28:
--Athlon Sports' Steven Lassan rejoins Scott for a little college football talk, starting with how many teams will finish unbeaten at year's end.
--Scott continues to bemoan the system being rigged against Boise State, and Steven is somewhat sympathetic.
--South Carolina's chances going forward are assessed, starting with the Tennessee game.
--The possibility of Vanderbilt hanging with Arkansas is weighed.
--Scott wonders where Purdue's best chance of getting their sixth win lays, and Steven offers what could be a surprising answer.
--Stanford-USC looked like the irresistible force and the immovable object, and Steven breaks down that matchup.
--Steven offers some appreciation of one team's tremendous freshman class, and how likely a reliance on freshmen will lead to a late-season stumble.
--Scott and Steven handicap what a steel cage match between two battling coaches would look like, and which of their teams is a better fit for a new conference.
--A behemoth 32-team conference draws a little bit of discussion, and Steven shares how likely he sees such an arrangement coming to fruition.
--Steven offers a prime example of why there are too many bowl games.
--Finally, a moment of appreciation for Case Keenum.

Featured music: "Watch Me Dance" by Roots Manuva.

The second-quarter curriculum for October 28:
--Bobby shows up just in time for Scott to realize that they haven't talked any kind of UFC action in a while. But, unfortunately, there hasn't been any can't-miss action to discuss, and the trend continues through Penn-Diaz and beyond.
--Moving on to NFL action, Scott and Bobby get into examining the eight divisions to see which is the league's best and worst. They're in somewhat surprising agreement overall.
--In Whodaman, Bobby gives love to Adrian Peterson and the Vikings. Meanwhile, Scott spreads it around like he's the guy on Sister Wives. An MTSU alumnus, a surprising Cardinal hero, and a pair of Cougars (not the female variety, unfortunately) get shoutouts.

Featured music: "Mr. Nice Watch" by J. Cole and Jay-Z.

The third-quarter curriculum for October 28:
--Bobby's kind of down over the impending final episode of 4Q, but to take his mind off it, Scott kicks off a game of Medal Stand. The topic: the top three teams that could use Terrell Owens. The two have kind of different views toward which teams would bother with the hassle.
--Eli Manning's comments about manipulating the NFL Draft and advising Andrew Luck are discussed. As one might expect, El Prof is not keen on the idea.
--Scott and Bobby ponder who is the NFL's most underrated running back. Bobby goes small, Scott goes with a total breakout candidate.

Featured music: "For My Friends" by Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa.

The fourth-quarter curriculum for October 28:
--Scott's all alone again, and pretty much running on fumes. He makes a valiant effort to talk about the World Series, Game Six. Injuries and pitcher rest come into focus.
--Scott also powers through some historical perspective on the Game Six comeback.
--As his voice starts to give out, though, it's time to draw to an early close. Scott manages to get through the Epic Fails and present some compelling evidence that Canadians are a little too into their hockey.

Featured music: "Talking to You (Is Like Talking to Myself)" by Daryl Hall.

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