Tuesday, February 7, 2012

4 Quarters Radio February 1

The first-quarter curriculum for February 1:
--Joined for the first time in a while by Logan and Mack, Scott gets into predictions and expectations for Super Bowl XLVI. No decision is made on a humiliating wager, fortunately for Patriot backer Mack. Also, the 800-pound gorilla of Super Bowl week, the courtship of Peyton Manning, draws some discussion, including Scott's mention of one suitor that has received little discussion so far.

1st Intermission: "Girlie Girlie" by Sophia George.

The second-quarter curriculum:
--Daily News Journal (Murfreesboro, Tenn.) writer Adam Sparks joins the show to talk some MTSU basketball. The Blue Raiders' at-large chances, shooting issues and being outboarded against Vanderbilt are among the topics of discussion.
--Once Adam's off the line, the guys get into examining MTSU's NCAA Tournament projections. Highlights include CBS predicting a nine seed, a potential matchup with everyone's mid-major darling, and Scott discussing his own mid-major darling.
--A look at MTSU football's recruiting class follows, including Scott bemoaning the forthcoming Attaq of the Shaqs.

Halftime Show: "The Toad Lickers" by Thomas Dolby.

The third-quarter curriculum:
--In a belated Whodaman, Scott salutes a college hooper for droppin' fiddy, Mack shouts out a marathon tennis match, and Logan gives love to Twitter follower #69.
--The fellas dig into ESPN's NFL Any Era team, discussing a group of players whose games would have translated to any period of pro football history.

3rd Intermission: "Baaadnews" by JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound.

The fourth-quarter curriculum:
--Scott and Mack finish up the NFL Any Era Team, and seldom is heard a discouraging word about the top 10.
--The MLB hot stove gets examined, with Mack weighing in on the Fielder and Pujols deals and Scott making a rare statement in praise of the Yankees.
--In the Epic Fails, Logan bemoans the state of Vol basketball, while Scott heaps scorn on a psycho Lions fan.

Postgame Show: "Transmission" by Aiden.

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