Saturday, February 11, 2012

4 Quarters Radio February 8

The first-quarter curriculum for February 8:
--Scott starts off all alone in his review of Super Bowl XLVI, discussing who really dug the 12-men-on-the-field approach and how Ahmad Bradshaw made the most of an alien circumstance. Once Logan shows up, they make sure to get their shots in on the absent Mack, whose Patriots came up limp. After some studio business complaints, they finally get back on task, noting just how close the Patriots have really come to being the Buffalo Bills.

1st Intermission: "Slight Work" by Wale ft. Big Sean.

The second-quarter curriculum:
--Scott and Logan continue with Super Bowl aftermath, talking about the Hall of Fame credentials of Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin. Coughlin, in particular, merits some scrutiny based on some underplayed similarities between him and another coach who's considered a Canton lock.
--Getting off the game, the fellas discuss all the other Super Bowl pageantry (halftime, commercials, etc.) and the idea of giving a car a pearl necklace figures prominently. (Don't ask, just listen.)
--Scott calls out ex-co-host Bobby for making weak declarations in regards to the career of Ricky Williams.
--In Whodaman, Scott has to give respect for a golfer who remembers his manners after a lecture from Mum.

Halftime Show: "Songs About Your Girlfriend" by Los Campesinos.

The third-quarter curriculum:
--Scott is joined by MTSU basketball coach Kermit Davis, and the coach isn't terribly pleased with Scott's line of questioning after two losses in three games. The Denver game and the forthcoming bout with Western Kentucky are primary topics.
--After the interview, Scott examines the bracketologists' projections, and the matchups aren't quite as promising as what they would have been the prior week.

3rd Intermission: "In the Middle of the Game (Don't Change the Play)" by Betty Wright and the Roots.

The fourth-quarter curriculum:
--Completely freestyling the fourth quarter, Scott starts off with a little morality discussion regarding M.I.A.'s middle finger heard round the world.
--The topic turns to Vegas's latest football bet, the future home of Peyton Manning. Scott's pet dark horse isn't getting serious money, but is being discussed in its local media.
--In the Epic Fails, Scott points and laughs at a "pro" basketball league whose "players" are so "talented," they allow their opponents to break two hundy in a regulation game.

Postgame Show: "Just Like Tiger Woods" by Steel Panther.

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