Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All Dirk Wants for Christmas is Landry's Front Teeth

Never let it be said that football corners the market on tough SOB's. Purdue alumnus Carl Landry had a rougher night than you on Friday. Witness:

The final carnage: Dirk had to spend 30 minutes getting the gash on his elbow cleaned and having PIECES OF TEETH pulled from his elbow. (I smell EBay auction.) Dirk ended up missing a game on Sunday. Landry underwent SIX HOURS of dental surgery and right now, is only expected to miss the game that took place immediately after said surgery.

The quotes from Ol' Gaptooth himself when asked if he'd play tonight against the Clippers:

"Why not? I'm all right, it's not going to stop me...It wasn't life-threatening or anything. It was a little bit of pain. We all go through things in life where it's kind of painful. You fall, but you get back up again, and that's what I did."

People call football a "contact" sport. It's not. Basketball is a "contact" sport, football is a "collision" sport. You have to be tough to play football, even as a placekicker (Mental toughness, folks...you think you could boot a Super Bowl-winning FG from 41 yards?)...okay, maybe not a punter, but still.

Basketball players, though, get a bit of a bad rap. There are tough bastards in the NBA, and a guy like Landry, through getting his features rearranged, moves way to the front of the line. The only thing that would have made the story better would be if Carl had gone back and played on Saturday still under the influence of pain-killers. Would make taking a charge that much easier, eh?

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