Thursday, May 5, 2011

4 Quarters Radio: April 29 3rd Quarter

The third-quarter curriculum for April 29:
--Bobby gets some time to stretch out on his UFC 130 picks. Also beginning: the Great UFC Wing Wager Part II.
--The fellas examine the Madden cover bracket and discuss Peyton Hillis's upset win. A potential nomination for another EA Sports title's cover comes up in the conversation.
--In Medal Stand, Los Guys talk trash, and the people who did so better than anyone else. Unsurprisingly, someone busts out a total homer pick, but at least he can back it up.
--The guys start into some NBA playoff conversation, weighing the possibility of the Memphis Grizzlies ending the Spurs prematurely. One host still was not convinced, and therefore, we now call him "wrong."

Featured music: "Electric Love" by Dirty Vegas.

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