Sunday, May 29, 2011

4 Quarters Radio: An Explanation and Apology

For the three or four people who actually listen to 4QR, well, this probably won't affect you all that much, since you kicked back and checked us out live. But for those who wait for the podcasts (both of you), sadly, they're not coming.

Defective studio equipment at WMTS 88.3 FM is costing us the ability to record the shows for podcast. I'm as annoyed as anyone, and for those who listen at other places, like iTunes or, I'm sorry. Sadly, we're kind of at the mercy of a station that features a brand-new general manager and a Tech guy who couldn't fix a ham sandwich without the whole series of Time-Life books. The tech guy only wanted the job so he could have access to the station's PA speakers and throw some lame-ass parties with live bands and shit.

What all of this means is that it may be several weeks before 4QR podcasts hit the Internet again. I'd love to ask everyone to tune in live at, but for those who work during the day, it's probably not practical. Either way, just remember that 4QR is still going strong in the summer, and that these last few shows have been among our strongest. Seriously, if you've not gotten on board, guys like Mack and Jimi are strong talents, and you will enjoy these guys heavily if you listen live. 8 AM Central time Wednesdays for the summer. Check it out.

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