Thursday, May 5, 2011

4 Quarters Radio: April 29 2nd Quarter

The second-quarter curriculum for April 29:
--Hockey Correspondent Jimi Russell returns to discuss some second-round action in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, starting with the Predators not putting up much fight against the Canucks in Game 1.
--Scott invites Jimi to take a look back at Round 1 and name some highlights.
--Some handicapping of Round 2 calls for lots of goals in a series that turned out not to go that long and a surprising lack of scoring in a series out west.
--Jimi offers his pick for the Hart Trophy winner, expecting one of the finalists to keep it in the family.
--In Whodaman, Blaize mans up in his Whodaman debut and picks a guy who killed one of his teams for a night. Mack gives shouts to a team that died hard, and Scott gives props to God's Gift. Literally.

Featured music: "Waitin' On the Sky" by Steve Earle.

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