Monday, February 22, 2010

4 Quarters Radio Episode 5: 2nd Half

On the second half of the Feb. 16 episode, the boys discuss the NBA All-Star Weekend, complete with Joseph ranting about ball-hogging rookies, the total black hole that is Hasheem Thabeet, and the total white hole that is (allegedly) Chris Kaman. Meanwhile, Scott wants his Shakira-Alicia Keys halftime show back, dammit! Bobby lays down his predictions for UFC 110 (many of which didn't come correct, but we won't hold that against him), and as always, we end by outing some Epic Fails. Excised music: "Madder Red" by Yeasayer and "Batonga" by Angelique Kidjo. As always, listen to the songs for free on and if you like them, click the links above to purchase the MP3's from Amazon.

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