Saturday, February 27, 2010

4 Quarters Radio: Episode 6, 2nd Half

The second half of Feb. 23's episode gets off to an abrupt start, with the boys talking about NBA deadline deals, specifically Nate Robinson moving on to the Boston Celtics. They move on to other earth-shattering deals like Antawn Jamison to Cleveland and the ultimate blockbuster...Darko Milicic for Brian Cardinal. Bobby justifies his 1-for-3 prediction on UFC 110, while Scott wonders why so many UFC fighters are getting tummyaches lately. In the 4th quarter, Scott ponders Randy Couture's "interesting" choices in workout music and Josh Barnett's "interesting" thoughts on what it'll take for some promotion to get him to fight again. (Hint: it's not him laying off the 'roids.) Myron Rolle being too smart for the NFL, Tim Tebow doin' work, and MTSU's recruiting class lead us up to the usual show-ending dose of Epic Fail. Excised music: "Strictly Business" by EPMD and "Shock to the System" by Jesse Johnson.

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