Sunday, March 13, 2011

4 Quarters Radio: March 11 2nd Quarter

The second-quarter curriculum for March 11:
--The fellas promote the 4Q Bracket Challenge on Facebook, and we'll promote it here, too. Prizes are on offer (IF we get enough entrants), so get in.
--Everybody gets a moment to share who they're hoping their teams get in the draft. Drew calls for a surprising move by his favorite team. Mack expresses a surprising hope for the No. 10 pick. Bobby's doing some wishful thinking, hoping the Raiders will get a first-rounder he's struggling on pronouncing names, too. And Scott prays that both of his teams will hit on good linemen to keep their QB's from getting destroyed.
--After the 10-minute warning, the guys spend a moment discussing what they hope for from the NFL labor dispute. One speaker is actually against a rookie wage scale, figuring the owners should simply know better.
--In Whodaman, a couple of the boys talk about the Miami Heat, in different contexts. Drew goes collegiate with a total violation, and Scott sportingly gives love to one of his Boilermakers' prime conference rivals.

Excised music: "Bleed Out" by The Influence.

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