Sunday, March 13, 2011

4 Quarters Radio: March 11 4th Quarter

The fourth-quarter curriculum for March 11:
--CBS Sports basketball blogger Matt Norlander checks in with 4QR from the Big East Tournament. He begins by waxing rhapsodic about Kemba Walker's buzzer-beater and the Big East's final four. He's not so keen, however, on Kemba's chances of strapping the Huskies to his back and driving them to Houston.
--Matt was in the arena for Refgate, and gives his perspective of when and how the story really exploded.
--Matt has a rough time picking a potential upset victim among projected top-four regional seeds, but he finally comes up with a compelling answer.
--Duke v. UNC: who's more likely to make the Final Four? Matt provides an answer to that one, as well.
--Matt throws out rationale for why Wisconsin may be as dangerous as anyone in America.
--The words "show cause" and "Bruce Pearl" get mentioned in the same sentence, undoubtedly dismaying Logan, wherever he may be.
--In the Epic Fails, the Miami Heat once again get a great deal of attention. Drew wonders what his favorite NFL player is thinking about with his offseason plans. Scott notes that the NCAA's justice is highly selective, and also that some guys need to learn when time is up.

Excised music: "This is Why We Fight" by The Decemberists.

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