Monday, March 28, 2011

4 Quarters Radio: March 25 1st Quarter

The first-quarter curriculum for March 25:
--If it's March, college basketball leads off the show. Logan pretends that he's a real man, while everyone else wonders how theirs went so drastically wrong.
--Kemba Walker gets some respect for beautifully camoflaging his flop against San Diego State, while the fellas wonder exactly why the West Coast can't compete in basketball anymore.
--The Ohio State/Kentucky game gets an examination from the angle of what eventually came to look like a mismatch.
--Finally, the main event: Logan Propst tears into Mike Hamilton for the Bruce Pearl and Lame Kiffin fiascos. Seriously, you must hear this. Logan wishes no harm to people or animals, but envisions a painful, fiery death for Mike Hamilton's Shake Weight.
--Meanwhile, Scott wonders where all the good, juicy recruiting violations went.
--The fellas measure some potential candidates for the Tennessee opening, and oddly, the one who actually did get hired doesn't come up.

Excised music: "Tennessee Plates" by Joe Bonamassa w/ John Hiatt. Stick around at the end for a brief snippet of the track, and help the show out by purchasing the full download if you like it.

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