Sunday, March 6, 2011

4 Quarters Radio: March 4 1st Quarter

The first-quarter curriculum for March 4:
--After a two-week absence, 4Q's return should have been a joyous occasion, but the fellas are preoccupied in this first quarter with the death of MTSU basketball player Tina Stewart. Scott, Bobby, Logan, Drew and Mack share their thoughts and wishes for Tina's family and the MTSU athletic family, along with a great many other feelings regarding the story.

Intermission music: "Still Would Stand All Time" by Prince.

Following the music (which we've left attached for this podcast) come some messages from well-wishers at Tina's memorial vigil at Murphy Center. Thanks to Mr. Don Witherspoon, Mr. and Mrs. Terry Whiteside, Mrs. Faye Brandon, and Miss Ciana Calhoun for sharing their thoughts and grief with the community.

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