Thursday, November 18, 2010

4 Quarters Radio: November 11 2nd Quarter

The second-quarter curriculum for November 11:
--Scott and Logan take another call-in interview, this one with MTSU soccer coach Aston Rhoden. The coach checks in from Tallahassee, Florida, site of MT's first-ever NCAA Tournament match.
--Coach Rhoden discusses the future of Sun Belt soccer once Denver leaves the league in 2012.
--Various factors involved in the Florida State match are discussed, including whether FSU being without their head coach would be any sort of factor.
--Scott puts the coach on the spot regarding a player who could be a big factor against FSU, and Rhoden nutmegs the question beautifully.
--Scott can't resist poking Logan a little bit regarding Tennessee basketball losing to the University of Indianapolis.
--Logan gives the biggest Whodaman of all time in honor of Veterans' Day, while Scott's the party-pooper who keeps it sports-related.

Excised music: "Smoke a Little Smoke" by Eric Church.

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