Tuesday, November 2, 2010

4 Quarters Radio: October 21 4th Quarter

The fourth-quarter curriculum for October 21:
--The NBA's season is about to kick off, and apparently the Association's on the lookout for performance-enhancing...shoes.
--LeBron finally grows a pair and starts calling out specific people for their alleged "race" comments, even if it is just some scrubs on Twitter. Plus, the comparison between LeBron and Hulk Hogan.
--Big weeks for both Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow, and the guys analyze who's got more big weeks ahead.
--The post-Moss Patriots go under the microscope, and what seems like a ridiculous question gets a serious analysis.
--Someone had a little fun with A.J. Smith's Wikipedia page, and Scott has a little fun talking about it.
--Bobby's annoyed at a fighter for costing him a point in the Wing Wager, so he gives the ultimate penalty: an Epic Fail. Dylan doesn't get why Dunta Robinson got fined for knocking himself out, and Scott shakes his head at another Colts "liquored-up idiot kicker."
--Finally, June Cleaver speaking jive one last time.

Excised music: "Poison" by Martina Topley Bird.

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