Monday, November 1, 2010

4 Quarters Radio: October 14 1st Quarter

The first-quarter curriculum for October 14:
--Scott compares MTSU's forthcoming game with Georgia Tech to an uncomfortable trip to the doctor. The predictions are dire, except for one possible thing that MTSU can do to keep things close. (Hint: they did the exact opposite.)
--Scott and Logan move on to another game that no one though would end the way it did: South Carolina springing one on Bama.
--The other one that Scott was flipping over to during Bama's loss, Michigan/Michigan State, gets examined, including its effect on Denard Robinson's flagging Heisman hopes.
--Taking Robinson's place are a couple of other speed-demon QB's, and one in particular gets about 250 pounds' worth of love. (That sounded wrong.)
--Scott and Logan also offer their respective Top 5's at that particular moment in time. Subject to change, of course.

Excised music: "Take This City" by Darling Parade.

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