Monday, November 1, 2010

4 Quarters Radio: October 14 2nd Quarter

The second-quarter curriculum for October 14:
--Scott and Logan talk to Nate Thurston, bass player for Nashville-area power-pop band Darling Parade. Starting off, Nate struggles to try and describe the band's sound, so that line of questioning gets altered quickly.
--Scott plays Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, tying the band's name back to Prince. Since, after all, everything in music can find its way back to Prince eventually.
--Logan can't wait to start hammering on the Cowboys, and Nate's at as much of a loss as anyone. As hardcore as he is, he even admits to missing an upcoming show to see a game live.
--Scott tees it up for Nate to plug a Halloween show at Rocketown. The band is forced to ponder a group costume, and Scott throws out an idea. No word yet on whether they followed the suggestion.
--Logan's all about giving props to the NFL in Whodaman, showing love to one of Scott's teams. Scott throws out a triple Whodaman, giving respect to a retiring legend, a new member of the Tough SOB Club, and a woman with the patience of Job.

Excised music: "Kiss" by Tom Jones w/ Art of Noise.

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