Wednesday, November 10, 2010

4 Quarters Radio: November 4 1st Quarter

The first-quarter curriculum for November 4:
--Scott gives Logan the floor to comment on the Randy Moss waiver claim and how the Titans will look going forward. Logan immediately takes back every nasty thing he's ever said.
--For his part, the Professor's not exactly sold on Randy and what he'll do for the Titan offense. The immediate question of "Can Fisher control Randy?" is pondered.
--The MTSU football team's debacle against Arkansas State gets a once-over, and it's just as ugly a couple of days later. Scott does, however, express some great appreciation for ASU's beautiful Wildcat work.
--The guys move on to MTSU soccer, and once they figure out exactly where the team's playing, they give respect for an opening win in the Sun Belt Tournament.

Excised music: "National Ransom" by Elvis Costello.

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