Monday, January 17, 2011

4 Quarters Radio: December 16 1st Quarter

Yes, it's a month late. Not like many are listening anyway.

The first-quarter curriculum for December 16:
--Scott announces Fantasy Football Gloat/Bitch Day and gets exactly one call, from ex-co-host Joseph Anthony. Of course, Joseph can't resist the opportunity to poke fun at Scott's team and its lackluster record.
--Scott returns the favor and clears up one of Joseph's patented misconceptions regarding the prospects for Tennessee's basketball team...just in time for them to go in the toilet, apparently.
--Scott's not hard on the Vols for losing to Oakland, because he details Oakland's rugged schedule and how solid their team really is.
--The other side of the scheduling coin is examined, as Scott notes that heavy non-con schedules sometimes backfire.
--From the Wishful Thinking Department, Scott envisions college basketball's various conference challenges being co-opted by football. If the SEC would ever play real opponents...
--MTSU's women's team has a star racking up conference honors, and Scott gives her some radio love.
--Also getting respect: MTSU's men's program, specifically their upcoming recruiting class.

Excised music: "Lovely and Blue" by Ryan Adams and the Cardinals.

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