Sunday, January 30, 2011

4 Quarters Radio: January 28 2nd Quarter

The second-quarter curriculum for January 28:
--The guys are joined on the phone by Matt Norlander, college basketball writer for CBS Sports and College Hoops Journal.
--Ohio State's claim to number 1 is validated, even though it's painful for Scott that it was at Purdue's expense.
--San Diego State's credentials get reassessed in the wake of the loss to the Fighting Jimmers.
--Matt shares his current favorite for Player of the Year, and he actually votes against The Jimmer...for now.
--Syracuse's struggles get looked over, and a player dances dangerously close to the dreaded "bust" label.
--Tennessee, Michigan State, and Purdue get late-season forecasts. Happily for our hosts, no one gets actively written off.
--More numbers get put out to place Jeff Fisher in a historical perspective. Of particular interest is how often his teams reach the postseason.
--In Whodaman, Bobby gives some love to an unheralded Bear, Logan takes a gratuitous shot at the Prof, and Scott mentions a couple of hoop studs.

Excised music: "Secret Mobilization" by Deerhoof.

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