Saturday, January 22, 2011

4 Quarters Radio: January 21 2nd Quarter

The second-quarter curriculum for January 21:
--Bart Scott's postgame rant on the Patriots is filtered through his stated admiration for Hulk Hogan.
--Scott shares the fun environment in which he watched the Sunday playoff games, including watching a relationship explode before his eyes.
--The conference title games get picked, and Scott finds himself in a bit of a dilemma. MTSU's rooting interest in the NFC title game is explained, as well.
--Scott, Bobby, and Logan (a late arrival following over-celebration for his birthday) discuss the value of prayer in sports. Logan even channels his inner Jimmy Swaggart. (Or is it George W. Bush?)
--In Whodaman, Bobby gives respect to a potential Super Bowl quarterback, Logan goes totally off the reservation, and Scott gives respect to a woman who got massively inked for her Jayhawks.

Excised music: "Pink Pants!" by the Aquabats.

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