Monday, January 17, 2011

4 Quarters Radio: December 16 3rd Quarter

The third-quarter curriculum for December 16:
--Bobby checks in from Nashville to celebrate his victory in the Great UFC Wing Wager. The UFC 124 results are analyzed, including the cat-playing-with-a-ball-of-yarn that was St. Pierre over Koscheck. Bobby even comes out and calls GSP a nerd.
--For Fantasy Football Gloat/Bitch Day, Bobby and Scott commiserate over their losers' bracket status, and Scott even tries to broker a deal.
--The guys compare the consecutive-game records in each of the major sports, trying to decide how impressive Grampa's run is in comparison. Jim Marshall's impressive history gets some special discussion.
--The collapse of the Metrodome gets examined for conspiracies. Both Scott and Bobby both offer theories about the identity of the mysterious golf-cart driver.
--Scott bemoans the Bears getting buried in the snow by the Patriots, and both guys share a chuckle over the sad disappearance of Randy Moss.
--Tripping, autographs, and laughing get compared as Scott and Bobby decide which offense is most egregious.

Excised music: "This New Technology" by Midnight Juggernauts.

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